Here’s an opportunity to shake up your routine and possibly win a prize – join the May fitness challenge!

Participate in the challenge to swim the English Channel or walk, bike or run Skyline Drive!

(Please note that use of the PWC pool for the channel challenge is available to All Access members.)

It’s so easy to join:

  • Before May 1, pick up a log sheet at the PWC or PRFC front desks (or print one HERE)
  • Fill out the sheet with your mileage each day that you walk, run, bike or swim May 1 – 31
  • Turn in your log sheet at the PWC or PRFC front desks by June 4 to be entered into drawings for personal training, smoothies, and t-shirts!

Our prize drawing will be held on June 7.

The following approximate distances may help with keeping track of your mileage when using center facilities:

PRFC walking track: 9 laps = 1 mile

PWC river (center)

27 laps = 1 mile

21 laps = 3/4 mile

14 laps = 1/2 mile

7 laps = 1/4 mile

PWC lap lanes

2 lengths = 1 lap

50 laps = 1 mile

38 laps = 3/4 mile

25 laps = 1/2 mile

13 laps = 1/4 mile

PWC walking track: 18 laps = 1 mile