Meet John, who has been working with personal trainer Christine Kauffman to meet his wellness goals. John was very motivated from the beginning, and in partnership with Christine, his commitment to training has led to increased strength as well as improvement in several health markers.

How long have you been a member?

My wife and I moved to Culpeper, Virginia in 2018.  Shortly after we got settled in, we looked around at various gyms and decided that Powell Wellness Center was the best fit for us.  My wife loves the pool at Powell, and I enjoy the wide range of equipment now available at both Powell and PATH Recreation & Fitness Center (PRFC).

Can you give a brief description of your exercise/fitness experience?

For the last 10 years, I have had problems with my knees due to my time in the Armed Forces.  This has put limits on what I like to do during a workout.  I always enjoy a challenge with my cardio using the treadmill and stair climber machines at Powell, however, this had to be reduced due to the knee pain.

What led you to work with a trainer?

Over the last few years, I have put on some additional weight.  This caused a rise in my blood pressure.  That coupled with the workout break due to COVID, I also saw my cholesterol spike.  I figured, in order to get back on track, I should request a health/fitness assessment at Powell.  Once I completed the assessment, I had all the data I needed to make my decision to go with a trainer.  Since I needed to be motivated and challenged, I requested to work with a trainer that would get me to my goals.  I spoke with the staff at Powell about what my health and fitness goals were and was notified that Christine Kauffmann would be the best fit to help me reach my goals.

What were your goals at the beginning of training?

At my initial interview with Christine, we discussed my goals which were to improve my overall health, lose some weight, and work toward reducing my cholesterol and blood pressure.  Christine explained what her recommended fitness plan would be that would get me to the goals I set for myself.  I also mentioned to Christine that I wanted her to “push me” and not go easy. She agreed and I signed up for training sessions with her beginning the next week.  We started in February 2022 and I shifted all my workouts over to PRFC for cardio and training soon after the gym opened.

What have been the milestones you’ve experienced thus far?

My latest lab results showed that my cholesterol is better than normal, I’ve lost 35 pounds, decreased my BMI, and my blood pressure has come down but still has a ways to go.  I find that I feel much stronger and motivated to push harder toward my goals.

Have your goals changed as training has progressed?

My goals are still the same, only now I believe I’ll reach them quicker than I thought. To me, health and fitness are for life.  I also started attending Christine’s P90X Class on Saturday mornings at PRFC for more of a challenge.

Final thoughts from John:  PRFC is a great place to work out and it is my primary location since I started training.  The staff are friendly and always available to assist customers with a smile and positive attitude.  Also, if you are looking for a highly trained and certified trainer, I would highly recommend Christine Kauffmann.  She will work with you at whatever training level you are looking for and get you to the goals you set for yourself.